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Research collaboration

the “NTM Host Research Consortium”

Based on our growing international collaborative framework, we plan to establish the “NTM Host Research Consortium”, starting from Asia Pacific region. Our previous findings provide novel insights into pulmonary NTM disease and a basis for future collaborative research into the pathogenesis of this condition. This consortium aims to accelerate joint studies on host factors of NTM disease with a large international cohort. At present, a large-scale cohort of pulmonary NTM disease with DNA samples and detailed clinical information has not been organized globally. The use of a larger sample size is likely to be enable identification of more candidate genes in GWAS. Further international collaborative GWAS may reveal additional candidate genes related to NTM diseases in addition to unveiling critical pathways in the pathogenesis of pulmonary NTM disease. Currently, we have already initiated international collaborations, and Samsung Medical Center (Korea), Keio University Hospital (Japan), Fukujuji Hospital (Japan) and the University of Queensland (Australia) have >1000 samples, >1000 samples, >500 samples and >500 samples, respectively. As a kickoff meeting, we organized the NTM meeting at the 2019 ATS meeting had a constructive discussion to proceed with the collaboration. With this grant opportunity, we will hold annual research meeting. In the future, based on our NTM Host Research Consortium, we will propose other research institutions to join this international consortium.